Learn More About Your Credit

How to Repair Your Credit

Do I Need Credit Repair?

Many people go day-to-day with bad credit and in need of professional credit repair but not truly realizing it. At best, that only results in costing you more in your everyday life than you might otherwise pay. And it only gets worse from there. When is it time to...

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Is Credit Repair Legal?

Buyer beware. That’s the ancient warning that still rings true in every industry. And it’s no different in credit repair. However, when done correctly, credit repair is totally compliant with the law. In fact, real, professional credit repair is entirely about...

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What Items Can Be Removed with Credit Repair?

When you first looked at your credit report and saw its various sections, industry terms, and endless lists of categories and data points, were you… a bit overwhelmed? Probably not the least by accounts and items flagged as negative. While some are obvious, like...

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Credit Repair Basics You Need to Know

When you first decided to find out more about repairing your credit and began reading through the basic info on the web, like random FICO blogs… How long did it take for your eyes to glaze over? Yes, credit isn’t the most exciting topic. And when you suddenly realize...

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Understanding Credit Scores

How Credit Card Balances Impact Your Credit Scores

Most people know that their credit card balances affect their credit scores in some way. But you may not be aware that your balances impact your credit scores directly. The credit industry calls this “credit card utilization.” It sounds like a $10 phrase, but all it...

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Credit Mix, Inquiries, and Their Effect on Your Credit Scores

When it comes to understanding what makes up your credit scores, credit mix and inquiries tend to cause confusion. Together, these two categories make up 20% of your credit scores. So even though they aren’t individually as heavy-hitting as payment history, for...

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What Makes Up Your Credit Score

So what makes up your credit score, anyway? It’s a question that gets asked a lot because there’s no easy, clear-cut answer. That’s due to the fact that a litany of different kinds of credit data and information in your credit report is also factored into your credit...

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How Your Payment History Impacts Your Credit Scores

Did you know that your credit payment history determines up to 35% of your credit scores? That’s according to credit score company FICO. In fact, your payment history usually the first thing a lender wants to know. Whether you’ve made your credit payments on time is...

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Why Credit is so Important

Buying a Home When You Have Bad Credit

Are your bad credit and low credit scores preventing you from buying the home of your dreams? If so, you know how important good credit is to pursuing your life dreams. You’re tired of throwing your money away on rent when you could be investing it into a home of your...

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How to Save Thousands on Loans

It’s never so obvious how important good credit is as when you apply for a loan. When you walk into a lender’s office with a credit score of 720 or higher, you can have confidence that you’ll be offered good interest rates. Lenders want to minimize their risks, so the...

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4 Ways Your Credit Affects Your Life

Everybody is affected by credit more than you may realize, here are the top 4 Ways Your Credit Affects Your Life. Every part of your life requires investment. Effort, time, and usually money. Very often, you need more money than you have. And that, of course, is what...

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Keep Bad Credit from Costing Your Job

Finding a new or better job is tough. There are plenty of hurdles, no matter what your career. But did you know that good credit can get make the difference between landing your dream job and being turned away? That’s right, in even if you’re the perfect candidate on...

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