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Who We Are

PNY Credit is a New York-based credit repair agency, focused on getting results as efficiently as possible. We are a lean, agile company with a personal touch, having started with helping friends and family.  With PNY, you get the professional approach of trained credit experts but also the personal care and accountability of a local small-business. 


How We Can Help

Most people never really consider their credit to be all that important until they try to apply for a mortgage or major loan, such as a home or auto loan.

Suddenly, if they are denied or priced out of the home, vehicle, or major purchase they wanted, they realize just how important credit truly is.

We assess your needs and then approach your credit with your goals in mind, to ensure that you, the person, isn’t lost in the process. 

We then employ dispute and credit-building tactics that we know to be effective from our own professional experience and the feedback of past customers.   Throughout the process, we keep in touch with you and make sure that you’re well taken care of. 

Our goal is always to get you From Bad Credit to Savings in Your Bank as quickly as possible. 

Our Backstory

Our founder, Pinny, was like most other consumers — he didn’t understand credit or realize its importance. That is, until 2008 when the Great Recession hit. And it hit Pinny hard, in particular.  Like many people who suddenly find themselves down on their luck, Pinny struggled and suffered through repossessions, tax liens, and collections.  His credit and finances were essentially ruined.   Naturally, when Pinny went to buy a new home, he was turned down by every lender he talked to. He realized that his financial problems had caused him unworkable credit, so he sought credit repair.   It wasn’t long before Pinny realized that the credit repair companies he tried to work with also wouldn’t or couldn’t help him. So Pinny decided to help himself.   After learning everything he could about credit, Pinny discovered effective dispute methods and was able to turn his credit and finances around, singlehandedly. He now owns a new home and vehicle and has no issues qualifying for credit or loans.   Pinny’s family and friends took notice and asked for his help. He applied these same strategies to their credit and got similar results.   After helping his local community, Pinny decided to found PNY Credit, to take his credit repair knowledge and experience nationwide.   

Will you be Pinny and PNY’s next success story? Get in touch with us today and find out!

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